• The roots of apple butter began in Germany, Belgium, and the Netherlands during the Middle Ages, when the first monasteries with large apple orchards appeared. Although the product contains no actual dairy butter, the thick, soft consistency lends the term "butter" to it's name. 
    Our family recipe was passed down by my late grandmother Louise, who hailed from Lookout Mountain, Tennesee. In the American South, the production of apple butter is a family event - prepared in large copper kettles outside using large paddles to stir the apples. Every family has a proprietary blend of herbs and spices that make their recipe unique.
    Although we can't share our family secret, we can assure you that our apple butter is lovingly made with Organic Apples and locally sourced Apple Cider, Wild Foraged, Certified Organic and Non-GMO botanicals, that are Gluten Free, Lactose Free, Cruelty Free, and Vegan - with no preservatives or artificial sweeteners and is GUARANTEED a 100% natural plant product. We source our herbs from a highly reputable family owned botanical supplier in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania that offers a Certificate of Analysis for every herb to assure both it's quality and purity.
    Canned and sealed in a hot water bath to ensure a shelf life of approximately 2 years unopened, our apple butter is absolute BLISS spread over biscuits or muffins, as a compliment to a cheese plate, or served with southern style BBQ. Apple butter can also be used as a fat substitute in fat-free cooking or vegan baking and is a delicious way to sneak medicinal herbs into the diet.
    Packaged in 7 ounce (half-pint) recyclable/reusable Ball jars that fit perfectly in the pantry.

    Louise's Southern Apple Butter Spread

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